Tuesday, April 09, 2013

SSE-P x Lilly Piri Zine (GIVEAWAY)

The zine that sse-p published, in conjunction with the online show of my work, is now available for purchase!


$12 + shipping 
32 pages 
Full colour
Limited edition of 500

Available at SSE-P.com in the shop section.

A million thanks to YP and Ga-young for all their hard work putting this together! The quality is beautiful, and I'm so incredibly chuffed and honoured that they chose my work for a zine.

I have one signed copy to giveaway here on my blog, too! This time, the conditions for entry are:
1) Follow my blog with Bloglovin(See below*)
2) Leave a comment below

Winner will be drawn on 21.4.2013.

*Some of you may have noticed that google reader is being shut down, so if you happen to use that (like I do) and still want to follow what I'm up to, may I suggest, bloglovin, or subscribing for email updates, both options are available on the left hand side on my blog page. Or you can find me on one of the many maaaany social networks! Just search for lillypiri.

Also, If you live in MELBOURNE, I sent a few signed copies down to Sticky Institute.


wishcandy said...

Eeeee! <3 Having a zine published, super exciting! It looks like they turned out nice.

I'd love to have your work finally in my hands. Looks awesome Lilly! ;3

Bec said...

Followed you on Bloglovin! Beautiful beautiful work ♥

x Bec


Jessica Porter said...

Would love to have some of your work! Followed!!

Emily Boyd said...

Oh! It looks so cute ^-^
I can't imagine what awesome drawings you have hidden inside :)

Shell said...

Followed! Such delightful work. It's so terribly sweet and adorable. I love that rainbow deer. The zine looks lovely.

Lucile D. said...

Hi Lilly Piri! Thank you for this giveaway and your amazing work! I've been following you on Facebook for some time now, but never thought of subscribing to your newsletter! It's done now and I won't miss a thing :)

Irit said...

The zine looks fabulous! Keeping my fingers and toes crossed. :-)

Evie Smith said...

Your work is lovely! I would love this zine. (Also, Lilly Piri is such a pretty name.) :)

Gabi said...

I would love to get my hands on this!
Just before my birthday too ;)



entre guirnaldas y alfabetos rusos y vampiros said...

lovely artwork ♥

Julieta María Ojea said...

It's beautiful! <3

Sally Roberts said...

I've been meaning to follow you for ages. Sorted! How generous of you to giveaway a copy of the zine:)

Sarah said...

Ah, this is wonderful! Your works are so lovely. I love the illustration you made for MILK. Do you happen to know if those garments will be available to international customers? All the best. x

sunset studies said...

Hi Lilly, i absolutely adore your work (Just ordered a hoodie with your cat love heart print on it from catteemission yey!) and i'd absolutely love to win a signed copy of your new zine! Thanks so much - Louise :) xo

lilly piri said...

Thank you all for your entries and kind words!! @Sarah - I believe so, but think you might need to know Japanese to order them. :)